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Why Smith & DeShields is the Best Hardware Store in Boca Raton

If you're looking for a top-notch hardware store in Boca Raton, then check out Smith & DeShields. This ...
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Cabinet Hardware Trends to Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic

Revitalizing the overall ambiance of your home can be accomplished through the simple act of updating your cabinet ...
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The Benefits of EWD Custom Doors

Exclusive Wood Doors (EWD) follows a guiding principle that all their exterior doors are built solidly, producing lasting ...
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5 Benefits of Installing Custom Commercial Door Hardware

From commercial spaces to modern homes, Smith & DeShields doors can enhance any location. Regardless of the location, ...
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Why Smith & DeShields Doors are Worth Every Penny

Because first impressions matter, your front door should be one that leaves a lasting impact. While aesthetics are ...
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The Best Woodgrain Millwork for Your Home

From custom built-ins to accent walls, Smith & DeShields woodgrain millwork is sure to impress. Here are a ...
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How to Personalize Your Home with Smith & DeShields Baseboards

Good moulding can make or break a home’s aesthetic appeal, and no store carries a greater selection of ...
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All About Exterior Doors with Glass Panels from Smith & DeShields

While aesthetics are certainly important, your front door should be able to stand the test of time, weather ...
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residential door hardware

The Best Residential Door Hardware for Your Home

Hardware is the finishing touch your door project needs, and you will find a wide selection of well-known ...
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Professional Builders Share Their Experiences with Poplar Wood

Poplar wood is one of the most popular wood types commonly used in making furniture, toys, plywood, decorations, ...
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How to Accessorize your Kitchen Cabinetry with Beautiful Hardware

If you’re looking to replace old, dated hardware with new hardware in your kitchen, look no further. Endless ...
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Smith and DeShields Retail Displays

Why Smith & DeShields is the Best Hardware Store in Fort Myers

Why buy from a national chain when you can purchase quality products from a local supplier that is ...
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How to Personalize Your Home with Architectural Millwork

Wainscoting, trim work, crown molding, and cabinetry — are all examples of custom millwork that can be manufactured ...
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Fire-Rated Doors in Your Home

5 Benefits of Having Fire-Rated Doors in Your Home

Fire-rated doors are part of a passive fire protection system and are designed to reduce the spread of ...
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Learn How Replacing Exterior Doors Can Increase The Value of Your Home

Exterior doors are truly the focal point of the outside of the home as it is the first ...
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The No Casing Door Case

We have seen over the course of many, many years all of the different ways that door frames ...
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How Hardware Can Change the Look and Feel of Your Space

Hardware is an important part of the overall aesthetic of a home or business. It can, however, do ...
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How to Choose the Perfect Hardware for Your Doors

Door knobs play an important part in the security of your home or property. They are not only ...
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Benefits to Building with Name Brand Wood Products

When it comes to building your dream home, every aspect of the project should be met with attention ...
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Solid and Hollow-Core Doors

Solid Core & Hollow Core Doors: What’s the Difference?

Unless you're planning on building a new home or renovating your existing one, you may not be thinking ...
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Door Casings | Smith & DeShields

Understanding Door Casings and Styles (types, installation, tips, etc)

Door casings are a detail in the home you won't want to miss. Easily fitted and installed, door ...
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Crown Moulding | Smith & DeShields

Crown Moulding Designs That Will Breathe New Life into Your Space

Crown moulding, although an enhancement in many homes, is still considered the best way to add detail and ...
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Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic | Smith & DeShields

Barn Door Hardware Perfect for Achieving the Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic

The modern farmhouse aesthetic is timeless. Neutral tones, wood accents and furniture with clean lines all come together ...
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How to Size Cabinet Knobs and Pulls | Smith & DeShields

How to Size Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

At Smith & DeShields, Inc, we have been helping our community find the right products -- such as ...
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Local Hardware Store | Smith & DeShields

Homeownership Tips from Your Local Naples Hardware Store

If you own a home in Florida, there are many people who would consider that the same as ...
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Naples Millwork | Smith & DeShields

Pros and Cons of Prefinished Millwork | Advice from Naples Millwork Experts

Finished millwork finishes a room. If you’re looking to understand more about millwork -- which is otherwise known ...
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Fort Myers Millwork | Smith & DeShields

Fort Myers Millwork Options at Smith & DeShields

Smith & DeShields, Inc. has long been known as the premier provider of Fort Myers millwork options to ...
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Fort Myers Doors | Smith & DeShields

Fort Myers Door Experts Explain the Difference Between Solid Core & Hollow Core Doors

Whether you’re designing a home from scratch or giving your home a makeover, getting the job done is ...
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Prefinished Doors | Naples, FL

Pros & Cons to Prefinished Doors | Advice from Naples Door Experts

The doors in your home see a lot of wear and tear. Whether it be because you’ve kicked ...
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Fort Myers Hardware | Smith & DeShields

Reasons to Choose Smith & DeShields as your Fort Myers Hardware Store

Smith & DeShields, Inc. has been serving the Southwest Florida building industry for over 60 years. If you’re ...
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Boca Raton Millwork | Smith & DeShields

How to Personalize Your Home with Architectural Millwork | Advice from Boca Raton Millwork Experts

Millwork is oftentimes better known as crown moulding, baseboards and casing. A seemingly overlooked area of the home ...
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Boca Raton Hardware | Smith & DeShields

Benefits to Purchasing Products from Your Local Boca Raton Hardware Store

When you’re in need of products such as moulding or cabinet and door hardware, your first thought may ...
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Jupiter Millwork | Smith & DeShields

Reasons to Work with Smith & DeShields for All Your Jupiter Millwork Needs

Millwork, otherwise known as crown moulding, baseboard and casing, can make or break your home’s aesthetic. If you’re ...
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Boca Raton Doors | Smith & DeShields

Best Brands to Choose for Your Boca Raton Doors

As the first impression of your home, your front door should be one that sets the standard in ...
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Jupiter Door Hardware | Smith & DeShields

Why Pay More for Door Hardware? Jupiter Hardware Experts Answer

When it comes to door hardware, you don’t want to cut corners. If you are unsure about paying ...
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Best Door Hardware | Smith & DeShields

Best Door Hardware for Your Jupiter Doors

Owning a home in Florida comes with a number as challenges, as well as great reward. We love ...
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Kitchen Makeover Ideas | Smith & DeShields

Kitchen Makeover Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

After spending more time in our kitchens than ever this past year, you may have come to realize ...
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Local Home Improvement Store | Smith & DeShields

Four Reasons to Buy from a Local Hardware Store and Not from the Big Names

The rise of big-name, chain hardware stores have taken the industry by storm. While going to a chain ...
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Home Improvement | Smith & DeShields

Five Florida Home Improvement Hacks

Florida is known for many things - the balmy weather, gorgeous beaches, championship golf… and how tough it ...
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Kitchen Hardware | Smith & DeShields

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen with Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchens are truly the centerpiece of our homes. It’s where we cook, spend time with our families and ...
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Modern Front Door | Smith & DeShields

Five Modern Front Doors That’ll Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

The curb appeal of your home is its first impression - and first impressions matter. If you’re looking ...
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