Kitchen Makeover Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

After spending more time in our kitchens than ever this past year, you may have come to realize this space could use a bit of an upgrade. If you’re looking for some kitchen makeover ideas, here are three that won’t break the bank.

Update your artwork

A simple way to update your kitchen is to update the artwork. In fact, many don’t even have artwork in their kitchens at all because it’s not the first place you’d think to hang a painting. A new picture, sculpture or another art piece can really make a statement in your kitchen and help it feel like new. For extra savings, consider shopping at local thrift stores, on Facebook Marketplace or even craft a DIY project for your kitchen makeover.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas | Smith & DeShields

Give the cabinets a fresh coat of paint

If your cabinets are outdated, adding a fresh coat of paint is an easy and cost-effective way to give your kitchen a makeover. Not to mention, color is often neglected in the kitchen, left bland and boring. Adding a pop of color to your cabinets is an easy way to makeover your space and brighten it up.

Install new cabinet hardware

If you decide to paint your cabinets and now your hardware doesn’t match or just want an upgraded look, updating your cabinet hardware is a great way to accomplish this. There are many styles, colors and metals to choose from, so if you’re unsure of where to start with picking new cabinet hardware, look here.

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