Solid Core & Hollow Core Doors: What’s the Difference?

Unless you’re planning on building a new home or renovating your existing one, you may not be thinking about the type or quality of the doors in your home. Typically, doors are not often thought of as the most important part of a new build and are usually chosen as the last feature to install when finishing a room.

There is a myriad of door options that can benefit a wide variety of homes and what people want from their homes. From solid wood to solid core and hollow core doors, these interior door options are important to consider before finishing off your home renovation or new home build. So, what’s the difference between the two?

The Rundown

Solid core doors are typically wood-framed and vinyl coated with a synthetic solid inner core. This provides great sound and heat insulation while also keeping the look of a traditional solid wood door. The solid core door is on the heavier side, but comparatively lighter than a typical solid wood door. These doors are more damage resistant and tend not to fluctuate in size based on heat and moisture content. Solid core doors are great options for private rooms, bathrooms, and office spaces within the home and an ideal option for Florida.

Hollow core doors are exactly what you’d expect. They are often wood-framed and vinyl-coated however the inner core is hollow, often filled with a honeycomb-like cardboard structure. Hollow core doors are often used as an economic alternative to solid wood and solid core doors. That doesn’t mean they are less effective.

Utilizations for Hollow Core VS. Solid Core

Hollow doors are great for spaces such as a pantry, laundry room, or closet as these spaces do not need to sustain heat and don’t require sound suppression. Hollow-core doors can also be used in scenarios where you need a luxurious-looking door that doesn’t break the bank. Doors that are hollow are, with no doubt, less damage resistant. However, since there is no internal source of extra weight, hollow core doors are quick and easy to install by one person.

Residents of Florida may be familiar with the types of doors to be in homes across the region. Since solid core doors have a track record of expanded and warping due to heat and humidity fluctuations, these doors are typically not chosen for interior sections of homes. Most solid wood doors would be used as entryway doors and would be the most expensive door in the home. Often pressure treated and sealed to withstand the elements and prevented from warping due to heat and humidity.

A Healthy Balance

The door you choose for your home is essential to your privacy, security, and may save you money on your electricity bill for insulation. Keep in mind that whether you choose solid core or hollow core doors, both have pros that will fit with your specific circumstance.

The most optimal choice for your Florida home would be solid core doors for the bedrooms and other, more occupied spaces in the home. While on the other hand, usage of hollow core doors in spaces such as the pantry, closets, and other less commonly inhabited spaces would be efficient in aligning with your budget.

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