Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Smith & DeShields, Inc. is proud to have supplied building materials throughout the state of Florida for over 65 years. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products on a timely basis with personalized service before, during and after the sale. Our business is built on relationships with both customers and employees with communication as a primary pillar. 


  • Say what you mean and be willing to share ideas or raise issues that may cause conflict when it’s necessary for success.
  • Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing in every action you take, especially when no one is watching.  Always tell the TRUTH.
  • Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.


  • Fix mistakes by focusing on solutions not on whose fault it was. Processes fail, not people.  Use these situations to learn and improve the processes. Get smarter with every mistake.
  • It’s not about you.  Don’t let your own ego or personal agenda get in the way of doing what’s right.
  • Take responsibility to coach, guide, teach and mentor others.  Be willing to be coached.
  • Be willing to “sweep the floors”. Success comes from doing ordinary things with extraordinary consistency.


  • Be relentless about continuous improvement. Take responsibility for your career by being a lifelong learner.
  • Go the extra mile, that’s what separates the average person from the superstar.


  • Take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do- it has your signature on it.
  • Respond to every situation by looking for how we can do it, rather than explaining why it can’t be done. Find a way to get it done.
  • Influence others through your own example.  Be the change you want to see.


  • Get the facts before jumping to conclusions.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Jump in and help. Together we are better. We’re all responsible for quality and customer service.
  • Give others your undivided attention.  Be present and engaged. Listen to understand, not to reply.

YOU have the power to choose your attitude.  Choose to be optimistic and enthusiastic.  Remember that your attitude is contagious.  Spread optimism and positive energy.