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Moulding and Design in Jupiter

If you are looking for the right accent or your home, that missing piece that turns a simple room into a haven, than it can be a challenge. We look and agonize over paint swatches and furniture combinations to make a place feel like home. But all it really takes sometimes is a little change in the structure. A simple addition that is easy to install. Mouldings can create maximum impact with minimum effort. Here are a few ways how.

Crown mouldings can make a short ceiling taller and can open up a room to more expectations. A light-toned crown moulding with a matching tone in the ceiling can lengthen walls. When your ceilings feel high it gives the illusion of a larger room. Even a small half bathroom can feel several times larger with this addition, simply paint the molding with exterior paint and allow it to dry outdoors before installing, then touch it up. The exterior paint will make it more resistant to moisture in the long run. If you are going for a more modern look, don’t feel beholden to neutral colors. A bold touch, like fiery red on a crown moulding can freshen a room to feel contemporary. Experiment with tones and finishes, but try to keep the contrast obvious and your room can be on its way to being the new hot spot.

Another use is for chair railings. Usually placed at one third of the height of the ceiling, a chair rail adds an extra level of sophistication to a room. They are perfect for dining and living rooms, or any other room you want to create a formal living space. It’s best to accentuate with two shades of the same color, using a darker color on the area beneath the chair rail and the lighter above. To keep it formal, paint the baseboard, crown moldings, and chair rail in the same neutral color with a satin or gloss finish. Having all three the same color and finish unifies the room from floor to ceiling without having a monochromatic room.

These are just a few ways to utilize moldings to really enhance a room. For more information about our mouldings in Jupiter, contact Smith and DeShields, for the finest products and service in Commercial and Residential Design.